Risk Assessment

RISK ASSESSMENT – ARC Ride                       

Activity Pleasure Horse Ride Venue Tollard Park Equestrian Centre
Originator Kay Allen Date Completed 18th March
Role Ride Organiser Date for Review 2th April

HR – High risk difficult to Mitigate / MR – Medium risk is unavoidable / LR – Risk is mitigated /

RR=Residual Risk (Risk remaining after controls in place) 1 = very low 5 = high

Potential Risk Person at Risk Degree of risk Risk Control Measure RR
The event planning and date LR Event planned so that it does not coincide with other big events

Route planned appropriately for numbers expected

Participants briefed of presence of other park users and the need for consideration

Residents notified

Riders must wear the correct safety hat Rider LR The entry form stated that everyone must wear the correct riding hat – each entrant ticked a box to say they had understood and had the correct hat 1
Route safety checks Route checked prior to event and any obstacles removed or defects identified and made safe
Main Road Safety 90% of the ride is off road – there are 4 road-crossing points. These will be Marshaled and have clear Signage.
On the day each rider will be checked as they leave for the ride. No one will be allowed on the ride without a riding hat 1
Riders could get lost on the route as it will be unfamiliar to most riders Rider LR The routes have been publicized in advance so everyone can familiarize

themselves. On the day Maps will be given out. The route will be well marked

and sign posts in place. There will be marshals at regular intervals and all riders

will be checked through each Marshal point.

All riders will be checked in at the finish.


Route has some rough terrain and hazardous riding Rider & Horse MR The route has been carefully planned There is one section for 30 yards that has a steep

slope down and one section 200yards that has rutted ground.

Marshals will be stationed nearby. Sign post will warn of hazard



Horses become dehydrated on the ride Horse LR Water will be available on the ride. Local Vet has been notified of the ride.

Horse trailer available – most of the route is accessible by 4X4

Rider becomes unwell Rider MR DORSAR paramedics and first aiders will be in attendance.

Dorset Air Ambulance notified

Rider falls off and horse runs off Rider & Horse MR Each rider will be given 2 sticky labels one to be placed on the saddled one for the riders

hat each will have the emergency contact number

Each rider will be wearing a number for identification A full list of riders names will be with

Each Marshal and all first aiders.

Marshal becomes unwell Marshal volunteer LR 1 person will manage all marshals – they will have a point of contact. 4X4s available to

drive people to Marshal points.

Marshal Safety Volunteer LR Marshals will be provided with HiVis jackets, a list of emergency phone numbers,

A list of all competitor names, and a radio. I person will be responsible for checking in

With the Marshal team

Vehicles become stuck at car park if ground is wet. Riders LR A tractor is on standby to help tow vehicles. 1
Camping & Corralling Riders & Horses LR Soft camping and hard camping will be separated by a fence if required. No camping is expected 0
Car park Riders & Horses LR Car park Marshals will control all vehicle movements 1
Ride route congested with 200 riders Riders & Horses LR There will be timed starts to stagger riders out on to the course keeping numbers in groups low 1
Bringing equipment onto site and erecting temporary structures All LR A professional company will provide and erect marquees 1
Toilets All LR A professional company will provide and site porta loos
Food Hygiene All LR A professional third party cater has been hired