Raffle Prizes

ARC Raffle Prize winners

We don’t really have a budget for posting out prizes – if you have won can please arrange to collect.  If you don’t want to collect and want to re-donate your prize I will donate to Wilton Riding for Disabled People. you can see prize values here http://www.arcride.co.uk/raffle-prizes-2/

The Raffle raised £700.00 for our good causes.

Olympia Tickets Elizabeth Bevis
HOYS Tickets (2 x Platinum Jubilee Packages) 143 Deb Bailey
JOHN FIELD Hurricane Coat 187 Lyndsey Hopley please collect
JOHN FIELD Rain Cape 153 Claire Board
Historical Royal Palaces Product Bundle 134 Sue Cable
Crafty Pony (rug & story book) 216 Jessica Hudson
Crafty Pony (boxset) 17 Sarah Nash please collect
LINCOLN Bucket & Product Bundle 42 Nanji Martin
Gray’s Country Gifts Lilly Purse 108 Lisa Hotchkiss
Pegasus Jewellery Horse Silhouette Pendant 224 Janet Pitt
Equisafety Pink Air Waistcoat & Pink Hatband 283 Kay Barnes please collect
Dubarry Coin Purse 156 Amanda Bubear-Gammon
Thorowgood Stirrup Straps & Tuff Stirrups 85 Karen Caton please collect
Ahiflower Complete Equine Omegas 115 Rachel Youg
Animology Product Bundle 227 Vicky Sherratt
Bear & Noodle Dog Bed Voucher 61 Daen Davidson
Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser 249 Sarah Lovegrove
Nilaqua Pet Shampoo & Eco-Towels 170 Simmi Johnson
Nilaqua Pet Shampoo 178 Lydia Paines
Ahiflower Gelcap Human Supplements 246 Sarah Lovegrove
Pet Remedy Mini Spray 248 Sarah Lovegrove
Pet Remedy Mini Spray 13 Sarah Nash please collect
Pet Remedy Mini Spray 129 Bruce Morrison
Pet Remedy Handy Sachets 69 Heather Davison
Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser 63 Dawn Davison
Pet Remedy Spray 142 Debra Bailey
BENTLY Grooming Bag & Brushes 231 Sarah Nash please collect
Robinsons Animal Healthcare Rider First Aid Kit 250 Sarah Lovegrove
Famous Grouse Whiskey 62 Dawn Davison
The Golden Paste Company Tub of TurmerAid 144 Debra Bailey
Bossy’s Bibs Clean Cuffs 254 Sue Gardner
Brass Tacks Engraved Name Plate Voucher 269 Amanda Bubear-Gammon
Furminator 133 Sue Cable
Furminator 25 Sally Baker
Spirit Book 175 Hayley Mirauer please collect
Pot of Silverfeet 197 Helen Lawes
Dogrobe £10 Voucher 148 Debra Bailey
Dogrobe £10 Voucher 58 Sam Johnson please collect
Biscuits (pack of 3 tins) 26 Carol Lewis
ROCKIES Mineral Salt Lick 387 Megan Geldhil
Natural Liviing Horse Treats 136 Lisa Skellon
Natural Living Horse Treats 56 Sam Johnson please collect
Stud Muffins Treats 315 Angie please collect
Herby Treats 243 Simon Cassey please collect
Herballs Treats 255 Sue Gardner please collect
Citronella Wrist Band 252 Sue Gardner please collect
Childrens Magic Ride Gloves (Black) 82 Karen Caton please collect
Hi-viz Hat Band 48 Philipa Knight
NAF Hoof Oil & Brush 265 Sophie Savage
Likit (Apple) 302 Sue Rich
Likit (Carrot) 98 Sam Sturgess
HySHINE Active Groom Body Brush 282 Sheila Ball
LINCOLN Mane & Tail 101 Anna Heslop
Shires Hoof Pick & Brush (Blue) 118 Chris Horsley please collect
Likit (Cherry) 32 Andrew Johnson
Shires Giant Mane Comb (Black) 291 Martin Baker
LINCOLN Hoof Pick/Brush 141 Debra Bailey
Shires Giant Mane Comb (Blue) 285 Kerry Lord
Shires Hoof Pick & Brush (Black) 158 Chris Loader please collect
HySHINE Active Groom Dandy Brush 186 Lindsey Hopley please collect
Childrens Magic Ride Gloves (Navy) 319 Angie please collect
HEAT HOLDERS Socks 166 Simmi Johnson
WALK ABOUT Fleece 84 Karen Caton please collect
Stud Muffins Treat Bar 214 Fan Sutcliff
LIKIT Treat Bar 124 Leane Preuss
Graven Horse Tumeric 47 Philipa Knight please collect
Graven Horse Tumeric 228 Vicki Sherrat please collect
Graven Horse Tumeric 322 lorraine Collins please collect